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Power of Place

Employee engagement is a serious, bottom-line issue because there’s a clear correlation between engagement and performance. Yet, many organizations struggle to articulate the factors that impact employee engagement and how to improve it.

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The Future of Work is Creative

The Future of Work is Creative

We face global issues that require all of us to unleash our creative potential to solve problems, make new connections and generate ideas.

Creativity is not only the domain of artists and musicians. It is a process in which we all can engage and all need to encourage.

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Featured Products

Steelcase Series 1

Steelcase Series 1

Steelcase Series 1 delivers ergonomics, quality and comfort that is unprecedented in this class of seating.

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Umami Lounge System by Steelcase

Umami Lounge System

Umami seating, tables and screens offer an endless variety of configurations, sizes and material options. Its flexible, modular design can be used to create spaces unique to organizations and the people who work there.

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