West Elm Work Brighton Lounge

Inspired by the traditional wood-frame joinery of the mid-century design, West Elm Work Brighton offers an updated take with sleek metal construction.

High-Capacity Cable Riser

The Steelcase High-Capacity Cable Riser is built to support all your heavy-duty tech needs. The generous width of the cable manager holds several cables at once, keeping them neat and tidy as you move from seated to standing and back again.

Campers & Dens

Campers & Dens is a step change in built environment interior architecture. A unique, demountable system that can be moved, re-positioned or re-used to suit changing needs.

Winter 2024

Solutions designed for all the ways we work.​

Sustainable Products

As designers and makers of products, we are acutely aware that our work has an impact on the planet and are taking science-based actions to help build a more sustainable future.​

Fall 2023

Creating solutions that make a difference for people and the planet.​

Summer 2023

Products designed with purpose for the needs of people and the planet.

West Elm Sutton

Elevate your work with the West Elm Work Sutton Height-Adjustable Desk. Inspired by the silhouette of mid-century tables yet modernized with the functionality of sit-to-stand height adjustability for work today. The residential aesthetic brings the comfort of home to work.


Refined and resilient, the delightfully simple design of Radia supports healthcare organizations in creating truly welcoming spaces.