Professional, Reliable, and Predictable Project Management = No Surprises

The role of the Prentice project manager is to be the single point of contact for project logistics including site preparation, timing, budget and labor allocation. Key to the success of the Prentice project manager is to facilitate communication and coordination between the customer, facility management, construction trades, installation crews, architects, and designers. Project managers master every detail of a project from beginning to end.

By working closely with you early in the process, we can plan a successful, on-time installation and move-in based on your unique project needs. Upon award of the project, a dedicated project manager will be assigned oversee each step of your project. The project manager will work with you to develop a timeline of critical events.

Throughout the order phase, your project manager is involved by:

  •  Attending pre-order meetings to discuss timelines and critical action steps
  • Organizing the sequence of delivery
  • Confirming delivery dates and times agreed upon during the pre-order meetings
  • Determining any specific requirements concerning security clearances, trailer sizes, and loading dock restrictions
  • Creating a sequence for loading

Our project managers ensure that every project is installed as planned, on time and meets budget expectations.