Recently we met with a client to speak about there new space.  As part of our discussion we spoke of some of the leading issues our customers tell us they are dealing with, including real-estate optimization; how to better enhance workplace collaboration; how they attract, develop & engage their employees;  and, finally, how they build brand & culture throughout their organization.

Brand is often a misunderstood concept and too often overlooked when developing spaces for employees.  First, Brand is much more that just your logo or marketing.  When done correctly, it is the very essence of your organization.  Second, it is more effective and easier to demonstrate your Brand to your employees than to all of your customers — there are fewer of them for starters.  And if you do not effectively demonstrate your Brand to your employees how can you reasonably expect them to demonstrate it to your customers.

To better understand the power of successfully integrating your brand into your organization consider a few companies that do it well.  Leading organizations like Virgin, Target, Nike, Google, and Apple surround their employees with their Brand.  It is consistent and a part of their daily worklife.  It is not surprise, then, that the company Brand is reinforced in interactions with customers & vendors.

So give careful consideration to your Brand.  Then look for every opportunity to reinforce that brand with your employees.  Now, sit back and look how effortlessly it will be commentated to your customers.

Oh, and did I mention that a clean, productive, contemporary, and supportive workplace is a great place to start?

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