Virgin Entrepreneur looks into the rise of remote working, open plan offices, co-working spaces, increased connectivity, hot-desking, third spaces and the many other workplace innovations which have transformed our daily lives.

coworkingThe flexible working phenomenon is growing.  It goes under a number of names and guises but essentially, it means giving employees the opportunity to work and engage outside the conventional workplace.

These different work models are designed to address employee needs and make businesses more agile.  But many argue that they can a negative impact on the companies who have chosen to integrate them and the employees who work under them.  Some notable companies —Yahoo and Best Buy for instance — have drastically scaled back remote working.

It is undeniable that the workplace is changing and remote working is a part of that change.  Different companies need to look at the challanges (technological, HR related, supervisory, etc.) and see what works for them.

Take some time to review the parts of this series — it will hall you make a decision what is right for your organization.


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