people working and collaborating in an open space with flex products and karman chair

The Hybrid Privacy Crisis

Even before the pandemic, people complained the open plan office was noisy and distracting and it wasn’t uncommon to hear…

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collage image of people using the steelcase karman chair while doing different activities

Go Beyond With Steelcase Karman

As the world spent countless hours on video calls throughout the pandemic, sitting in chairs of various quality, the Steelcase…

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SUNY Buffalo State_Hollingworth_1

Buffalo State Students in National Interior Design Competition

Congratulations to SUNY Buffalo State students Julia Hagen and Tara Hollingsworth. Julia and Tara have earned a spot to compete…

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Too often, the way we’re working isn’t working — and it is costing us.

Recently the NY Times published an opinion piece with the provocative title “Why You Hate Work” Once you get past…

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Generations at work

“The talent — and there’s a ton of it — flowing into Silicon Valley cares little about improving these infrastructural…

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The Rise of Flexible Working

Virgin Entrepreneur looks into the rise of remote working, open plan offices, co-working spaces, increased connectivity, hot-desking, third spaces and…

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Open offices: The benefits of collaboration vs. the problems with open access

Fast company recently had an interesting two-part article on the pros & cons of the open office.  The first article,…

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Creative Confidence

Yesterday a book came out that I have been looking forward to for some time.  It is called Creative Confidence, and was…

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Bring Your Brand Into the Workplace

Recently we met with a client to speak about there new space.  As part of our discussion we spoke of…

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4 Steps to Project Success

We have all had projects that have gone well and a few that we wish had gone smoother.  What do…

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